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As the end of the year rolls by, a quickfire look at whether or not the list of most popular hot springs in the kingdom of Thailand has  changed much. 
Yet again I tweaked the odd input here and there, however the outcome remains familiar.

1. (2016: 1) San Kamphaeng - Chiang Mai province
2. (6) Thapai - Mae Hong Son
3. (4) Hin Dad - Khanchanaburi
(5) Klong Thom - Krabi
5. (6) Sai Ngam - Mae Hong Son
6. (9) Wiangpapao (Thaweesin) - Chiang Rai
(-) Chaeson - Lampang
8. (2) Fang - Chiang Mai
9. (-) Nattawaree - Krabi
10. (10) Wareerak - Krabi
Just outside this Top 10 we can find Rock Valley (Khanchanaburi), Saline (Krabi), Chiang Dao (Chiang Mai), Raksawarin (Ranong) and Phu Klon (Mae Hong Son).
Soakingswise I'd prefer to rearrange this list, but such is what rolls out of the lists.

It's odd that through the years hardly any new names emerge despite competition catching up and methods of compilation evolving. For instance half of the above can be found in the original Top 10 8 years ago.

Points were awarded to relative standings on Instagram concerning tags (i.e. #fanghotspring(s)), Instagram location (using roman writing), instagram location (using Thai), Google search (of the last 12 months), Google search (based on % of the first 100 results), Google image search (based on % of the first 100 results), Twitter (number of hashtags/last 12 months), Flickr, Youtube finds (of the past 2 years), Tripadvisor (number of comments) and Facebook (likes).

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