Friday, September 3, 2010

Ranong in the press

Thailand's assumed capital of soaking (they and the rest of the world are yet to be informed) receive a positive mention in yesterday's Bangkok Post. The transcript:
'Ranong taps hot spring to lure tourists Ranong plans to develop the site of a hot spring in Ban Phon Rang and promote it as its new tourist destination. It has earmarked 35 million baht for the site in Namtok Ngao National Park in Muang district of the province. The temperature in hot spring averages around 40 Celsius.
The park already boasts three dip pools and two baths, each one metre in diameter, and a bigger one eight times that size, along with a rest area, public toilets and accommodation.
According to chairman of the provincial administrative organisation, Napa Natheethong, the hot spring, noted for its clear water which is free of sulphur stench typical of others elsewhere, has the potential to become a major tourist attraction.
He plans to increase the number of public baths, expand the sulphur pools, and at the same time add a fitness facility, improve the road leading to the hot spring as well as tourist accommodation'.
This is a hot spring which I hadn't included yet in the listings. Am thinking of visiting Ranong possibly in November. Slightly more info can be found on this website of the national park, but it does not seem to be a well known place. It's fame is due to the waterfall.
Doubtful that despite the investments made whether the park will see any major swing upwards in visitors. Ranong is between tourist places and there aren't that many inhabitants nearby. And there are many more (accessible) hot springs in Ranong, even closer to town. And somehow government projects as such fail to reap (m)any benefits.

Must say that the accompanying picture does look invitingly ... Especially if there are no other soakers.

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