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nanikaooh at Phasoet (Chiang Rai):
Onsen♨️♨️♨️ Thailand
As always there's not much to keep you up to date with. 

Sure there's the odd bit here and there, but nothing really newsworthy. Slowly the more natural soaks are evolving into what can be considered a sight to see though fortunately not on the scale seen as in for instance Vietnam. Though no doubt the wave of Chinese tourists still heading to Thailand might change this. Where moneys to be made, there goes the protection of the natural surroundings.
On the other hand it must be said with the willingness to close Maya beach in southern Thailand (source) does mean that to conservation still has a virtue in modern day Thailand. 

If you look at the lead picture, it's a pretty common way of soaking in Thailand. 
One that I fail to understand. 
Thailand is all about sharing and any great setting combined with a few (new) friends is just another reason for a party. 
So why these cubicles? 
They have an appeal of the inside of an empty deep freezer and fail to accommodate even a few friends, 3 max. So obvious it's meant for something not so Thai. An alone bath?

evabaerin alone:
Went for a swim in the not so secret secret hot springs and even boiled an egg in there! 🥚 Did I mention that I LOVE PAI? 💦🌴 #hotsprings #pai
#lazyday #hotsprings #ranong#thailand
TTRWeekly (Aug. 7), a well read tourist-oriented online newspaper, has a feature on Ranong, southern Thailand and it's underdeveloped potential to tourists especially considering the hot springs:
'Ranong might be known as the least populated province in Thailand, or the one with the longest rainy season at eight months, but for most of us its hot springs are iconic.
There is something about Ranong’s rustic outdoor hot springs that appeals to visitors, who will queue up for the chance to boil an egg in the piping hot water. Like all natural hot spring resorts there is a pungent smell of vaporizing minerals that prompts a few queries or jokes. But ultimately reassurances that it will impart miraculous health benefits usually win the day. We linger and dip a toe in the waters.
The closest hot springs to town are located at Raksawarin Park shaded under the canopy of rainforest trees in a forested mountain area next to a river just 2 km northeast of town.
Three natural springs are appropriately called father, mother and daughter. The latter two are cooler where visitors can wash or dangle their feet over the edge. The ‘father’ pool are where eggs are boiled.
Opposite the pools, the more up-market Siam Hot Spa is located offering a sophisticated bathing pleasure with jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and traditional massage. There is even a small restaurant serving Thai snacks, noodles, single spicy rice dishes and local curries.
The Raksawarin hot springs were remodelled over the last few years and this in turn encouraged small boutique hotels to open close by, although the original Jansom Hot Spa Hotel remains the most popular.
Jansom Hot Spa located on highway 4 offers 150 rooms and bungalows all with air-conditioning, TV and private bathroom with piping hot natural spring water pumped from the nearby spring. It claims to be the only resort to have 100% pure natural mineral water on tap flowing through the plumbing from the spring itself.
From Ranong town the springs are a pleasant walk offering an opportunity to explore the town and its forested paths around the hot springs.
There’s an impressive line up of Thai food stalls near the hot springs and one of the popular favourites is an ice cream serving in a bread bun with lashings of condensed milk.
The free hot spring pools are the most popular, but shell out THB40 and go for the luxury version that gets you a clean towel and a small cubicle to change to your swimsuit so can enjoy immersion in the deeper, clearer pools.
The water can be as hot as 65 degree Celsius in one of the pools where visitors cautiously pat the surface, or attempt to boil an egg. A river flows through the park and a suspension bridge spans the short distance between banks an attraction for children who run its length back and forth to destabilize anyone in their wake. There is also a meditation pavilion with a warm floor created by underground piping that circulate water from the hot spring. The pavilion is used for meditation, a warm snooze or energetic hot yoga classes.
Pornrang Hot Springs is an alternative, a more natural and quieter spot 11 km south of town, just off highway 4 on the road to Khao Lak. Located just inside the Ngao Waterfall National Park, there is an entrance fee of THB100.
The river running close to the hot spring is crystal clear and the trick is to take a dip in the river cool down and then transfer to the hot spring pool to warm up.
The setting is natural and just sitting in the river as tiny fish take a nibble at your toes is akin to the expensive fad that took urban spas by storm. It still goes on in Ranong, a complimentary courtesy of the river’s fish population.
1 comment:
charubun pananon August 7, 2018 at 16:13We had tried to promote hot spring in Ranong for the past many years but never achieved in the expecting level even trying to attract the Japanese hot spring investors to invest in Ranong also not successful. I assume that the weather in Thailand is too warm to do hot spring bath and noticing that hot spring bath is favorite and popular in the cold weather countries.
So much for pushing Ranong. It is though a very interesting region to visit, with nature galore. 
More Ranong by melinaillustrations, but it's the text which sells the sketch:

So recently, I went on holiday and stopped by a hot spring called Pornrang near Ranong with my family. The hot water is directed into pools for people to soak in then emptied back into streams where the water cools down.
There was only enough time to sketch the stream, the colors were added later so they aren’t faithful. I tried to recreated a warm atmosphere rather than use realistic colors.
Further up the stream I drew was even a spot with doctor or nibble fish, they nibble at your dead skin and are used as a spa treatment in some places. It was really weird to see them in nature and not a tank, they’re a lot bigger and definitely not as gentle. It’s surprising how they repeatedly slam into you but it doesn’t actually hurt.
Tatsuo Ura reports on Facebook on developments at Doi Saket / Doi Saked (Chiang Mai). Translated and followed by a photo of the building site:
'On February 18, 2018, from the afternoon to the of hot spring. By Car, about 1 hours from Chiang Mai.
The Guide was unwilling to drive a slope and a winding road, so we drove on the way. International License!The car was changing to ford since June 17 The front car is Toyota.As a rumor, I can't take a bath during a large-scale construction.The construction started on September 9, 2017, and it was completed on may 3, 2018The amount of investment is 1,867 million baht (1 baht per month). It seems to be capital of Bangkok. 
For more details, I'd like to take a look at the next visit. I'm impatient to hear from the interpreter'.

Bangkok Post (May 8) enlightens on us on the onsen wave slowly taking over the country's soaking country:
'The popularity of onsens has been bubbling up in Thailand, even though it is a tropical country, says one wellness brand. Thai onsen lovers no longer need to fly to Japan to enjoy a hot soak as onsen services are available across the country, particularly at major tourist destinations such as Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chon Buri and Bangkok -- specifically on Sukhumvit Road and at the K Village retail complex on Rama 4 Road.
Panpuri, a leading wellness brand, is set to open its first onsen on the 12th floor of the Gaysorn complex on Ratchaprasong Road next month, aiming to tap fans of the bathing ritual.
"It is the first onsen downtown. Apart from shopping in the area, onsen will be an alternative activity for visitors," said Vorravit Siripark, chief executive at Puri Co, the operator of Panpuri Wellness and Spa.
Onsen will be one feature at the 100-million-baht Panpuri Wellness and Spa, which entails a variety of services, including organic spa, wellness bar, studio, body massage and meditation.
There are 10 onsen pools separated by gender and two small individual pools.
The company has hired a consultant from Japan to design the onsen system, with hot springs imported in the form of powder [really?] from several Japanese cities. This wellness centre was soft launched last December.
"We've had better than expected responses, and about 60% of our customers are foreigners from China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong," said Mr Vorravit, a self-described spa and massage lover. Mr Vorravit first opened a Panpuri store in a 120 square metre space at Gaysorn Complex to sell organic spa products for body care.
He opened the space shortly after returning to Thailand from Italy in 2003, where he was studying for a master's degree and was inspired to realise his entrepreneurial ambitions.
"I had a chance to try spa treatments at famous hotel chains. Their services are excellent. But there are no Thai products available there. This inspired me to create my own health and wellness services, without imaging they would one day become part of a global trend," said Mr Vorravit.
He said there is huge potential for spa and wellness centres in Thailand, with foreign tourist arrivals reaching 35.4 million in 2017. Thailand is ranked No.1 globally as a spa-holiday destination, generating revenue of 32 billion baht from foreign customers in 2015.
In addition, the company also operates luxury organic spas in Park Hyatt Hotel Bangkok and Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang. "We opened the first flagship store in a 70 sq m space in Ginza district, Japan last year. There is a huge demand for quality and natural products from Japanese customers. After setting up shop in Japan, we can go anywhere in the world," said Mr Vorravit'.
enjoy_sadoodta with a more sedate soak near Mae Kasa, Tak province:

Onsen in Thai style 🇹🇭 #Tak#Thailand #amazingthailand #onsen#explorertheworld #blogger​ #travelblogger#girlsborntotravel#travel #trip #journey #vocation
Phuketnews goes soaking (Jun. 30):

'The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa has very spacious grounds, dotted with pools that capture the hot water as it flows up from the depths of the earth. There are two hot pools, both with a decidedly hot temperature of about 40ºC. There are also two cold pools, the coldest of which is about 16ºC – a stark contrast to the hot pools'.
ryseva.vv at Hotsprings Resort:
В Директ сегодня много написали с расспросами об источниках, решила что можно рассказать сразу всем 🤗 В отеле The hot springs resort and spa есть возможность погреться в тёплом источнике :) Среди полезных свойств этого источника отмечают улучшение работы почек, улучшение состояния кожи, снятие стресса и напряжения, облегчение мышечной боли, поднятие общего жизненного тонуса. Быть постоянцем отеля не обязательно. Взрослый билет стоит 400 батт, детский 200 батт (старше 5 лет). До 22 сентября можно пройти в 2 раза дешевле, т.к. один из бассейнов на реконструкции (не лечебный). Ехать с Пхукета на машине примерно час. Ехать определенно стоит, нам очень понравилось 👍🏻 На входе выдают воду, а вот покушать лучше заранее и с собой взять что-то перекусить, поесть там толком не где 😊
Translated it goes sort of like this: 
'They wrote a lot today in Direct with questions about sources, decided that you can tell everyone at once tension, relief of muscle pain, raising the general vitality. Being a permanent hotel is not necessary. An adult ticket costs 400 Baht, a children's 200 Baht (over 5 years old). Until September 22, you can go 2 times cheaper, because one of the pools is under reconstruction (not medical). Drive from Phuket by car in about an hour. It is definitely worth the ride, we really liked it вы They give out water at the entrance, but it’s better to eat beforehand and take something to eat with you, it’s not really where to eat 😊' 
Highondreams (Apr. 7) visit Wareerak hot springs (Krabi) and publish an extensive photographic overview of the experience. Just one of the photo's:

Once again bare (!) with the translation by google:
'Down the hot spring I have to put on a cloth that I love. I like the uniform. I do not have to sit on the porch like onsen in Japan , I do not go to this size, it will not go down to me anyway. I changed the dress to it.We like that the shape of each pond is FREEFORM and play like step ladder. There is a seating area that will allow you to soak up your feet, soak up your waist, soak up your chest or soak up your neck'.
The Bangkok Post (Oct. 4) goes upcountry to Lampang:
'Blessed by nature, the national park [Chae Son National Park] is located in the area of the hot springs in Muang Pan district. Covering the forest area of 480,000 rai, the park also has waterfalls, caves and walking trails for those who love outdoor activities.
Most tourists visit the national park during cool season, although visitors can travel to the park all year round. Last year, the park welcomed about 230,000 tourists, up from 160,000 visitors five years before.
"Our visitors love hot springs. I want to upgrade our service standard, products and facilities so we will have something new to offer tourists. My plan is to make our park the centre of wellness and spa tourism in the North," he said.
To achieve the goal, the national park has worked with Suan Dusit University.
The team has recently introduced prototypes of skincare products based on the mineral water of Chae Son National Park.
While the food was cooking on the stove, which took about 30min, Phonnabphan wanted us to try spa sum kai, or a herbal sauna in a bamboo chicken coop. We walked to the house of Kabkham Wannasuwong.
She already prepared the herbal sauna for us. A clay pot was put on a charcoal stove. Inside the pot, many types of fragrant herbs were boiling and that included pandan leaves, ginger, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, flowers and shavings of phang (sappanwood). "The herbal steam was originally prepared for a mother who's just given birth to sweat out so that she can regain her strength quickly," said Kabkham. When the community [of Ban Sam Kha] launched its tourism years ago, she introduced the service to the tourists.
She told me to sit on a small wooden stool next to the boiling herbal pot. Phonnabphan and a kid helped lift the chicken coop over me. Only my head popped up from the centre of the dome cage. The smell of boiled herbs was very pleasant. I also felt the heat inside the coop.
"The herbal sauna is good for health. It helps detox your skin," said Kabkham. One course comprises two sessions. Each time should be about 10 minutes. The herbal steam can make you sweat like sitting in a sauna room.
Lampang is gearing up for the booming business of wellness tourism'.
Back where we started but not in Chiang Rai but indeed it's Chaeson hot spring. Good guess: 
Come on babe 💕

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Almost back to reality, but my mind is still all the way there......#krabi #hotspringswaterfall #thailand#thailand2018 #water #nature #hotsprings#welivetoexplore #welivetotravel #travel#travelblogger #wanderlust #instamoment#instagood #instatravel
A couple of Thai teasers, nothing too serious.
Let's just start somewhere in Central Thailand, Khanchanaburi naturally. A bit cheeky too.

amnicky at Rock Valley hot spring:
What a badass!? #badass #gaytrip#gayboy #gaytravel #hotsprings #fishspa#nature #naturepool #pool #ass
Then heading northwards, but close to the Burmese border, there's the riverside hot spring of Umphang (Mae Sot):

Hot spring time 🙌🏼♨️-#thailand#hotsprings#roaming#greenway#exploremore#friends#chill#floating#natural#pool#jungle

Sometimes luxury does not mean a lot of money. It may seem like a 5-star hotel, but it is just an hot spring in the rural area of Thailand. Let me tell you the story of this picture:During the lunch break at Samoeng we met a Thai-UK couple, owners of a strawberry farm nearby. We have not only visited their farm, eaten their awesome strawberries, but we were also recommend this hot springs. They were not on our plan or route, but we decided to accept the challenge. We drove like 30 km passing by a lot of villages, real authentic Thai countryside, until reaching a dirty road. We had almost lost all our hopes of finding the hot springs when suddenly we saw the sign ⚠️ 150 baht per person and you get towel and swim clothes. A lot of different hot pools with different temperatures and depths in a lovely setting... the rest you can judge by the picture or pay them a visit 😉
After this description of how to get to the Samoeng hot spring, following is another Chiang Mai hot spring, that of Pong Duet:

Hot spring...#thailande #thailand #water #photooftheday#landscapelovers #moment #instadetente#holidays #honeymoon #hotsprings#sourcechaude #detente #eauchaude #relax#lunedemiel #verygoodday #trekking #trek#pause #barbotage #swim
Staying north there are two articles on the hot springs of Chiang Rai. 

The first article from Chiang Rai News (Sep. 25) concerns hot spring promotion: 
'Chiang Rai province launched a Lanna Wellness tourism campaign over the weekend, promoting local hot springs.
Speaking at the event, Pranpreeya Polyiam of the Provincial Tourism and Sports Office said tourists and local residents travel to the hot springs for relaxation, as well as health and wellness. She revealed that a research team from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University has performed a study, detailing health benefits of the 12 local hot springs.
To set Chiang Rai apart from other northern provinces, waters from the hot springs will be delivered to nearby hotels. Hot spring-based beauty and spa products and services will be developed and sold through the province’s hotels and spas to promote the popularity of local hot springs'. 
Then from the officialdom to the slightly whacky. 
The Bangkok Post (Nov. 14): 
'Chinese tourists visiting Thailand in the thousands are making a lesser-known attraction far more popular – boiling eggs in a northern hot spring.
Scores more travellers from China were buying eggs from vendors at the steamy site in Chiang Rai’s Wieng Pa Pao district on Tuesday morning.
Chillier temperatures also encourage tourists to dip their feet in the warm water.
The egg suppliers of Tambon Mae Chedi Yai couldn’t be happier. Business has never been so brisk.
One vendor said she’s lately been selling 300 to 500 eggs a day to tourists, most of them Chinese.
The usual price is Bt20 for a woven basket holding three eggs.
Tourists suspend the baskets in the hot spring for a minute or two if they want their eggs soft-boiled and three minutes for hard-boiled'
Boiling eggs in the hot springs. 98 degrees Celsius. Tastes very good, fresh eggs. #chiangrai#thaihotspring#hotspring#thailand
More hot springs from Chiang Mai province:

Taking a bath with the locals in the hot springs of Chiang Dao#chiangdao #hotsprings #spontaneous #thailand #adventure #southeastasia #lovelypeople #hotwater #goodtimes #explore #scooter #norththailand #earth #jungle #bathtub #river #travel #twogether #happy
ออนเซนเมืองไทยไม่แพ้ชาติใดในโลก #onsen #onsenthailand #sippahotspring #sippa #chiangmaitrip

#thailandhotspring #ratchaburiเช้าๆๆคนน้อยดี
Now back south, first central Thailand's Khlong Pha Ong (?), Rathchaburi. Further south, near Ranong is the Porn Rang (Rung) hot spring, while finishing off in Krabi, back where this blog entry started: 

Iphruaia at Wareerak:
Day 4 #hotsprings #spa#footmassage

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Hot springs 💦🌀💙@dacentor#relax #peace #sankamphaeng #hotsprings#chiangmai #thailand
As the end of the year rolls by, a quickfire look at whether or not the list of most popular hot springs in the kingdom of Thailand has  changed much. 
Yet again I tweaked the odd input here and there, however the outcome remains familiar.

1. (2016: 1) San Kamphaeng - Chiang Mai province
2. (6) Thapai - Mae Hong Son
3. (4) Hin Dad - Khanchanaburi
(5) Klong Thom - Krabi
5. (6) Sai Ngam - Mae Hong Son
6. (9) Wiangpapao (Thaweesin) - Chiang Rai
(-) Chaeson - Lampang
8. (2) Fang - Chiang Mai
9. (-) Nattawaree - Krabi
10. (10) Wareerak - Krabi
Just outside this Top 10 we can find Rock Valley (Khanchanaburi), Saline (Krabi), Chiang Dao (Chiang Mai), Raksawarin (Ranong) and Phu Klon (Mae Hong Son).
Soakingswise I'd prefer to rearrange this list, but such is what rolls out of the lists.

It's odd that through the years hardly any new names emerge despite competition catching up and methods of compilation evolving. For instance half of the above can be found in the original Top 10 8 years ago.

Points were awarded to relative standings on Instagram concerning tags (i.e. #fanghotspring(s)), Instagram location (using roman writing), instagram location (using Thai), Google search (of the last 12 months), Google search (based on % of the first 100 results), Google image search (based on % of the first 100 results), Twitter (number of hashtags/last 12 months), Flickr, Youtube finds (of the past 2 years), Tripadvisor (number of comments) and Facebook (likes).

Taking a bath with the locals in the hot springs of Chiang Dao#chiangdao #hotsprings #spontaneous #thailand #adventure #southeastasia
#lovelypeople #hotwater #goodtimes #explore #scooter #norththailand #earth
#jungle #bathtub #river #travel #twogether #happy

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I'd like a piece of that Pai! #thetowniscalledpai #ithashotsprings
They don't come much better than the hot springs of Pai (above), Chiang Mai province. 
A decidedly laid back area, it's lush valley is surrounded by nature's bounty and a pluralistic culture. Firmly established on the backpack trail, there's little negative to mention. Recent headlines focus on the town's river being a backdrop to a mid-day skinny dip, so go figure.

Elsewhere in the province, an experience (by theBlond Travels) at the Pongkwao hot springs:
'On our way we saw very old and worn out signs to the Samoeng Hot Springs. A few times the name changed to Pong Kwao Hot Springs as if someone couldn’t decide how to call it. We decided to check it out. At one point the asphalt road turned into a dirt road with no buildings in sight. Finally, we got to the end of the route where we found some fancy looking bungalows and the entrance to the Pong Kwao Hot Springs.
As it turned out, for 150 Baht you could have your own private hut, where you could spend as much time as you wished.
We picked one with a sign ’empty’ on its door and went it. We were tempted to just go into the water naked, but there was a big gap between the ground and the wall through which people from the nearby bungalows could see us, so we changed into the clothes we had been given.
it was a great experience and one that I can recommend to anyone'.
Doi Saket hot spring (also located in Chiang Mai province) has a peculiar tradition, though very Thai: bamboo shoots are boiled here in the springs. 
'There are also people in the area. "Ban Pong Samakkee hot springs" boiled bamboo shoots for a substantial income throughout the season, by Mr. Anon Tainin, 51, Banpong Samakkee, Pa Mian, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, said that each day he would collect bamboo shoots from the nearby forest. Villages and forests in Mae On District, Chiang Mai, were purchased from local villagers at 12 baht per kilogram. This hot water was boiled for about 12 hours before being sold. the And the city Including selling to tourists 25 baht per kilogram. 
Mr. Anon said Boiled bamboo shoots from the hot springs are fragrant. The taste is much better than the boiled bamboo with hot water. It is not enough to make good sales. Some days sold out at 100 kilos in less than 20 minutes. 
Mr. Anon said: The bamboo shoots are boiled in the hot spring of Ban Pong Samakkee. The cost to the community is 20 baht per bag to maintain the management of the community. Each sack of about 40 kilograms can generate income after deducting expenses over a period of 3 months is not less than one hundred thousand baht, this year bamboo shoots are still expensive. From the original sales of 20 baht per kilogram of this year sold 25 baht per kilogram'.
✈ Helder examinava e reexaminava o mapa em suas mãos, um tanto apreensivo. Tornou a indagar à recepcionista do hotel a mesma pergunta que havia feito à locadora da scooter, à garçonete do restaurante e a qualquer tailandês que encontrava na rua: "to Hotsprings, scooter OK?". Apontava o dedo para onde queria ir e esperava, mais na feição que produziria em seu interlocutor do que na frase que escutaria, uma resposta se sua façanha seria absurda ou não. Até aquele momento, ninguém havia enrugado o rosto ou esbugalhado os olhos em excesso, reprovando a idéia.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Depois de coletar toda a informação que precisava quanto à segurança do trajeto, me garantiu: "vumbora que dá pra ir!". Na manhã do dia seguinte, na praia de Ao Nang, subi na garupa da motoneta 🛵, botei o capacete rosa e abracei seu corpo: começávamos nosso trajeto de 80km para as Piscinas Termais de Khlong Thom, em Krabi, na Tailândia.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Na estrada, o meu medo se dissipou por completo quando vi que todo o acostamento era exclusivo para motociclistas e ciclistas. Afastados dos carros, dei um grito de alegria e falei "ACELERA POHA", mas sempre que alcançava os 50km/h, eu perguntava se ele queria nos matar e ordenava que reduzisse a velocidade.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Demoramos tanto para chegar em nosso destino que encontramos a selva vazia; os turistas que abarrotavam as excursões matinais já regressavam para a cidade. Helder avançou com cuidado nas banheiras naturais da cachoeira Namtok Ron e sentiu o fervor das águas a 40°C. Debruçou-se na mais linda sacada e dali apreciou a tranquilidade de uma floresta silenciosa.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Less uplifting news, there's a hint of a need to upgrade everything including the above, the already very popular hot spring of Klong Thom, Krabi province (photo above). Thaivisa (Apr. 11):
'The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports have recently held a discussion on approaches to promote two of the Kingdom's hot springs as new international tourist destinations. 
The discussion was part of a meeting between committee members on developing Thailand as a hub for health and wellness. The meeting was attended by Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanawarangkul and other relevant government officials.
According to the minister, the Ministry of Public Health has verified that a hot spring in Chae Sorn National Park in Lampang and Khlong Thom hot spring in Krabi province are safe for bathing. She is hoping that the two hot springs would eventually gain international recognition the same way as Japanese hot springs, which are known as "onsens."
The minister will instruct the Department of Tourism to conduct feasibility studies on development directions, adding that specific details of the project will be discussed with local government agencies directly responsible for the hot springs.
She is of the opinion that the tourist sites must at least have shopping venues, enough parking spaces, and enough public toilets, in order to add values to the tourist experience and ensure a fair income distribution among members of the communities'.
Banmuang has a Thai language article (Jun. 3) on the near Klong Thom located Saline hot springs of Krabi province. Once translated by google, there's not much to add:
'With more than 10 wells completed, more tourists are arriving. Especially during the holidays. There are over 1000 tourists per day'.
 Hot Spring paradise in Thailand - still hidden away from mass tourism #hiddengem #thailand🇹🇭 #tropicalvibes #khaolak #hotspring #thaistyle #onsen
Staying in the neighbourhood, Aladynamedfern (Nov. 2016) seeks out rural hot springs in the southern  province of Phang Nga. 
An expansive blog entry for 2 hot springs, the natural one as pictured above (and note: mentions that this place is seen by authorities as a great place to develop ...) and the more organised (though still a bit rustic) one by the name of Rommanee hot spring:

Wrapping up this posting is a photo of the little known hot springs of Krungshing (or Krungching) also located in the southern Thailand, notably the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Hot spring bathing #hotspring #hotspringbath #nakhonsithammarat #krungching #noppitam #nature #backtonature

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anitagoldenbeauty at Chaeson
Relax time Lampang way 💕 #onsentime #lampang #thailand #dvicioexclusiveth #love #friends
As the Thai soaking season is well and truly behind us, what are the pictures popping up on instagram concerning Siam's soaking haunts?  And no, not those of the most popular soaks. well, maybe ...

Setting the tone, above a delightful typical Thai setting, soaking with the extended family (and friends?), a great way to start this photographical tour.

Going south, Ranong has one of Thailand's best hot springs: Porn Rong, a number of larger tubs located in a forest with a babling brook along side. 
The photo following this is probably the lesser appealing of this blog entry, but beggars are no choosers ...

 PornRung #hotspring 🔥🌫🌋💦🌫🔥อยากแช่มั้งเนาะแต่ต้องไปทำงานแล่ว😢
Shortly after our luxurious bathe in the hot springs, this field trip full of school children arrived. They were so excited to jump right in, much to the amusement of the remaining adult bathers who came for a relaxing soak. #school #fieldtrip #children #allsmiles #purejoy #hotsprings #soak #mineralwater #thailand #krabi #seetheworld #natgeotravel
#หมูบุรินอินไทยแลนด์แปร๊นแปร๊น #kanjanaburi #working #บันทึกไทย #ThailandRecords #thailand #socool #feedgood #travelingram #traveling #travel #traveladdict #ilovetravel #hotspring #onsen #thaistyal #outdoor #canon #canon60d #canonthailand
Further up the isthmus brings to Khanchanabri (above) and of course Bangkok where fake Japanese style bathing places seem all the rage.
Onsen Onsen สบายจาย
#ถ่ายรายการ #RogerWu
#TVB #HongKong
#Onsen #LetsRelax
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nacklouis at Maejok, Phrae province
ออนเซ็น @แพร่ คือดีนะ
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Unfortunately many of Thailand's hot springs are locked up in unappealing cells. Above it says Maejok, but could be anywhere in the country. 
Following this, are more appealing hot springs of north Thailand, including another (spruced up) cell. 
Rounding this blog entry off is another from Pai's Sai Ngam hot / hot spring. 
kwang_litter, just out of Mae Hong Son town enjoying a soak at Pha Bong hot spring.
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khunmamui at Sippa hot spring resort (near Sankamphaeng) with the transcript 'as hot as the water!'
ร้อนๆเยี่ยงนี้ แช่น้ำร้อนสิครับบบ 😂😂😂 #Hotspring #Chiangmai
too_badz86 at Pha soet (?) hot spring
Life is so much easier when you just relax.
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