Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Thai heat

What's the best place to soak in Siam? Having until now only visited 14 of the on this site listed 91 it would seem unfair to draw a conclusion on this. What's more there may many more hot springs, more than 100 (109 to be precise) presumably. Presumably precise?

Anyway, using a tried and trusted method used earlier I looked at the number of internet hits for a less than perfect way of ranking the Thai hot springs. Yes, where foreigners visit, hot springs will rank higher. The same applies to more accessible options. Or more developed. Flawed it may seem it is nonetheless objective in as all are rated accordingly.

What is clear is the lack of info on hot springs in Thailand. Returns to searches are often so low, that my own site is influencing the result ... Therefore I have accorded google web search double the points, see how that pans out.

The result is a photo finish with Tha Pai being number 1, Fang second. The top 10:
  • 1. Tha Pai (41 pts)
  • 2. Fang (39)
  • 3. Sankampaeng (28)
  • 4. Betong (24)
  • 5. Hin Dad and Rock Valley (22)
  • 7. Phra Ruang (16)
  • 8. Pha Bong and Pong Duet (13)
  • 10. Klong Thom (11)

  • No real surprises ...

    Would any be in my own top 10? Fang I liked as well as Hin Dad and Pong Duet. Other good soaks were Bo Klueng and Pong Phra Bat.

    Others I haven't been too which I would rate high are Klong Thom, Theppanom, Jaeson, Mae Sariang, Mae Kasa and Ranong. The wish list?

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    1. the comprehensive guide to Chiang Rai hot springs
      is http://www.scribd.com/doc/128415979/Thermal-Locations-of-North-Thailand


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