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I'd like a piece of that Pai! #thetowniscalledpai #ithashotsprings
They don't come much better than the hot springs of Pai (above), Chiang Mai province. 
A decidedly laid back area, it's lush valley is surrounded by nature's bounty and a pluralistic culture. Firmly established on the backpack trail, there's little negative to mention. Recent headlines focus on the town's river being a backdrop to a mid-day skinny dip, so go figure.

Elsewhere in the province, an experience (by theBlond Travels) at the Pongkwao hot springs:
'On our way we saw very old and worn out signs to the Samoeng Hot Springs. A few times the name changed to Pong Kwao Hot Springs as if someone couldn’t decide how to call it. We decided to check it out. At one point the asphalt road turned into a dirt road with no buildings in sight. Finally, we got to the end of the route where we found some fancy looking bungalows and the entrance to the Pong Kwao Hot Springs.
As it turned out, for 150 Baht you could have your own private hut, where you could spend as much time as you wished.
We picked one with a sign ’empty’ on its door and went it. We were tempted to just go into the water naked, but there was a big gap between the ground and the wall through which people from the nearby bungalows could see us, so we changed into the clothes we had been given.
it was a great experience and one that I can recommend to anyone'.
Doi Saket hot spring (also located in Chiang Mai province) has a peculiar tradition, though very Thai: bamboo shoots are boiled here in the springs. 
'There are also people in the area. "Ban Pong Samakkee hot springs" boiled bamboo shoots for a substantial income throughout the season, by Mr. Anon Tainin, 51, Banpong Samakkee, Pa Mian, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, said that each day he would collect bamboo shoots from the nearby forest. Villages and forests in Mae On District, Chiang Mai, were purchased from local villagers at 12 baht per kilogram. This hot water was boiled for about 12 hours before being sold. the And the city Including selling to tourists 25 baht per kilogram. 
Mr. Anon said Boiled bamboo shoots from the hot springs are fragrant. The taste is much better than the boiled bamboo with hot water. It is not enough to make good sales. Some days sold out at 100 kilos in less than 20 minutes. 
Mr. Anon said: The bamboo shoots are boiled in the hot spring of Ban Pong Samakkee. The cost to the community is 20 baht per bag to maintain the management of the community. Each sack of about 40 kilograms can generate income after deducting expenses over a period of 3 months is not less than one hundred thousand baht, this year bamboo shoots are still expensive. From the original sales of 20 baht per kilogram of this year sold 25 baht per kilogram'.
✈ Helder examinava e reexaminava o mapa em suas mãos, um tanto apreensivo. Tornou a indagar à recepcionista do hotel a mesma pergunta que havia feito à locadora da scooter, à garçonete do restaurante e a qualquer tailandês que encontrava na rua: "to Hotsprings, scooter OK?". Apontava o dedo para onde queria ir e esperava, mais na feição que produziria em seu interlocutor do que na frase que escutaria, uma resposta se sua façanha seria absurda ou não. Até aquele momento, ninguém havia enrugado o rosto ou esbugalhado os olhos em excesso, reprovando a idéia.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Depois de coletar toda a informação que precisava quanto à segurança do trajeto, me garantiu: "vumbora que dá pra ir!". Na manhã do dia seguinte, na praia de Ao Nang, subi na garupa da motoneta 🛵, botei o capacete rosa e abracei seu corpo: começávamos nosso trajeto de 80km para as Piscinas Termais de Khlong Thom, em Krabi, na Tailândia.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Na estrada, o meu medo se dissipou por completo quando vi que todo o acostamento era exclusivo para motociclistas e ciclistas. Afastados dos carros, dei um grito de alegria e falei "ACELERA POHA", mas sempre que alcançava os 50km/h, eu perguntava se ele queria nos matar e ordenava que reduzisse a velocidade.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Demoramos tanto para chegar em nosso destino que encontramos a selva vazia; os turistas que abarrotavam as excursões matinais já regressavam para a cidade. Helder avançou com cuidado nas banheiras naturais da cachoeira Namtok Ron e sentiu o fervor das águas a 40°C. Debruçou-se na mais linda sacada e dali apreciou a tranquilidade de uma floresta silenciosa.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Less uplifting news, there's a hint of a need to upgrade everything including the above, the already very popular hot spring of Klong Thom, Krabi province (photo above). Thaivisa (Apr. 11):
'The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports have recently held a discussion on approaches to promote two of the Kingdom's hot springs as new international tourist destinations. 
The discussion was part of a meeting between committee members on developing Thailand as a hub for health and wellness. The meeting was attended by Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanawarangkul and other relevant government officials.
According to the minister, the Ministry of Public Health has verified that a hot spring in Chae Sorn National Park in Lampang and Khlong Thom hot spring in Krabi province are safe for bathing. She is hoping that the two hot springs would eventually gain international recognition the same way as Japanese hot springs, which are known as "onsens."
The minister will instruct the Department of Tourism to conduct feasibility studies on development directions, adding that specific details of the project will be discussed with local government agencies directly responsible for the hot springs.
She is of the opinion that the tourist sites must at least have shopping venues, enough parking spaces, and enough public toilets, in order to add values to the tourist experience and ensure a fair income distribution among members of the communities'.
Banmuang has a Thai language article (Jun. 3) on the near Klong Thom located Saline hot springs of Krabi province. Once translated by google, there's not much to add:
'With more than 10 wells completed, more tourists are arriving. Especially during the holidays. There are over 1000 tourists per day'.
 Hot Spring paradise in Thailand - still hidden away from mass tourism #hiddengem #thailand🇹🇭 #tropicalvibes #khaolak #hotspring #thaistyle #onsen
Staying in the neighbourhood, Aladynamedfern (Nov. 2016) seeks out rural hot springs in the southern  province of Phang Nga. 
An expansive blog entry for 2 hot springs, the natural one as pictured above (and note: mentions that this place is seen by authorities as a great place to develop ...) and the more organised (though still a bit rustic) one by the name of Rommanee hot spring:

Wrapping up this posting is a photo of the little known hot springs of Krungshing (or Krungching) also located in the southern Thailand, notably the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Hot spring bathing #hotspring #hotspringbath #nakhonsithammarat #krungching #noppitam #nature #backtonature

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