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#Thailand #travel #chiangdao #onsen #fujifilm taking a hot spring bath in the countryside around chiangdao!
Chiang Mai province, source.

Just a short intermezzo blog update.

More from the north (than above). 
Newly opened (source, Mar. 3): The Away Hot Springs Chiang Mai? The website mentions hot springs and it has a very large pool and jacuzzi, but is it for real (the natural hot water)? 
It gets very good reviews on tripadvisor and

Another new hot springs resort near Chiang Mai is the Sippa hot springs. It certainly has good photo's forthcoming on instagram (sample below). Sippa however has less reviews on tripadvisor (all good) while has fair reviews.

Keep clam and enjoy natural hotspring 💙
Questions and answers on Thaivisa (Jul. 3):
Where is the best place in Thailand for hot springs?
Answers were: Krabi (2), Ranong (below), Mae Sot, Pai, Phang Nga, anywhere in the rainy season (lol) and Chiang Mai.

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Yunomori onsen announces (Jul. 2) expansion plans for Pattaya, wher will the natural hot waters come from?

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Further south there's this news from The Nation (May. 18):
'People have been banned from entering the ‘Sa Nam Pud’ warm water stream area, where the Unseen Thailand attraction Emerald Pool in Krabi’s Khlong Thom district originates, until October.
The site has been closed for this period by the Khao Pra - Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary to conserve Taew Laew Tong Dam or Gurney's Pitta, one of the world's rarest birds.|As of 2010, there were 16 Gurney's Pitta in the forest.
Sanctuary head Wutthipong Chusangrat said the upstream part of Emerald Pool and trekking path must be closed as it was habitat of Gurney's Pitta, whose mating season and nesting falls during this period. In mid-April, only one female bird was spotted for the first time in five years. He said the closure wouldn't affect tourism, as the Emerald Pool would be open as usual. He urged tour companies to explain to clients as some tourists still tried to enter the area'.
Nearby are the Wareerak hot springs. Photo below with this cation from the ahpekbiker blog (May 7):
'That's us at the On-sen hot spring just outside Wareerak. There were several pools with varying temperatures from warm to extra hot, the extra hot one had temperatures reaching to above 40 degrees Celcius'.
Let's finish on top with yet another great picture from Pai ....

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