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Gains fading away but still enjoying life [raising_hand] [ocean] [sunny]  #ChiangMai #Hotsprings #Hotpool #sankampaeng 
Se Siam soaking winner of 2015: Sankampaeng. Source

Consider to differ
With the end of the year fast approaching, let's look at what are Thailand's most popular soaks, based on internet awareness. 

Points were awarded to relative standings on Instagram, Google search (of the last 12 months), google search (based on % of the first 100 results), Twitter (number of hashtags), flickr / Tumblr / Youtube finds, Tripadvisor (number of comments) and Facebook (likes).
These scoring posssibilities differed from last years overview as bing and pininterest search results were excluded, while google percentage and Facebook likes were included. 

Was the result much different? 
No, there's little change to last year and the top 5 is exactly ranked the same as two years back! So much for changing the sources of calculation ...

Business as usual
Outside the top 5, there were some shifts, most notably the picturesque Wareerak hot spring (Krabi) coming in at number 7.
Amazing afternoon at #wareerak #hotspring #thailand #spaexperience
It is part of a pattern, whereby privately operated soaks are increasing their presence on the internet as that's what they need to do to continue to stay in business.

Those at the top of the lisst remain mostly non-business entities with a little enhancement of the original surroundings but mostly natural (though exclude the number 1 from this note). Whereas 4 of the numbers 6-10 have business interests at heart.

The Top 10:  
1 Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai (2014: 3rd)
2 Pai, Mae Hong Son (1)
3 Hin Dad, Khanchanaburi (6)
4 Fang, Chiang Mai (2)
5 Klong Thom, Krabi (4)
6 Rock Valley, Khanchanaburi (8)
7 Wareerak (-)
8 Raksawarin, Ranong (11)
9 Chaeson, Lampang (-)
   Natthawaree, Krabi (5)

I guess it's time to put on clothes and leave Thailand jungle paradise.. Off to Vietnam [rocket] [ramen] [fried_shrimp] [dancer] 
Off the top(s)? Pai's so-called hot spring; there seems to be quite a few hot springs in and around Pai each helping Pai to stay at or at least near the top. Source
Bubbling just outside the Top 10 are Chiang Dao (Chaing Mai), Betong (Yala), Mae Khachan (Chiang Mai), Pong Duet (Chaing Mai) and upcoming Thaweesin (Chiang Rai).

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