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A photographic slash news update on Siam's soaking opportunities. 

An overview of Bangkok's imitation onsens by toptenbangkok (Mar. 23). Pointers: imported are (in one case) water (from Ranong), salts, concentrate and atmosphere, the former three from Japan ... 
Below an impression from from Kashikiri Soda Onsen and Spa which starts off as follows:
'Too shy for the naked shared baths at regular onsen?'
Oooh lala~~ #Onsen in Bkk [heart_eyes] 

Coming up later this month (24-26 Sept.) the World Spa and Well-being Convention in Bangkok with it's Hot Spring Forum:
'The organisers of the World Spa and Well-being Convention 2015 are again pleased to work with the Hot Spring industry to help further develop, educate and build the Thai Hot Spring industry'. 
Unfortunately the forum itself will be only in Thai. And by the looks of the contributors also very marketing (and male) orientated ...

บ่อแช่มีประมาณ 15 บ่อ และนี่คือบ่อสุดท้ายที่ฟินที่สุด ห้ามพลาด #hotspring #fishspa #kanchanaburitrip #miszytravel
Rock valley, Kanchanaburi, source

Bangkok Post (Aug. 17) had a video on Phu Sang waterfall with this caption: 
'A jewel of an unspoiled national park in Phayao, Phu Sang is one of the only two warm waterfalls so far discovered in Thailand'.
From a not so recent posting on the blog Tasty bits. Flirty wits
'Then on to an Lanna Onsen or hot spring to soak in hot sulfuric smelling water'.
Chiang Rai,  could it be a rejuvenated Pha Bong hot spring they are referring too?

A write up on travelfish  (Aug. 3) concerning what I personally would consider arguably one of Thailands best hot springs, Porn Rang, Ranong:
'I’d already been to the better known Rahsawarin hot springs in Ranong town and didn’t expect the Porn Rang springs to be any better, but after arriving I found a far more extensive network of pools of varying temperatures. Unlike those closer to town these hot springs are away from any roads and set in a quiet, tranquil area filled with flowers, trees, foot paths and bridges that collectively lend a Japanese Zen garden feel to the place. Before long, what I thought would be a quick peek had turned in to a two-hour excursion'.
A strange story. The drought in Thailand has lead to extreme lower levels in lakes which has enabled lower level authorities to research a thermal vent (source). What they discovered: 
'... the thermometer showed the temperature around 38 degrees Celsius and the hot water springs out of about 3000 liters per hour'. 
They are now hoping that higher level authorities will develop a hot spring resort. 

An overview of no less than 18 hot springs in Chiang Mai province. All in Thai, but still very informative (with google translate).

[sparkles] バンコク最終日 [sparkles] バンコクから片道3時間程で行ける「ボークルン温泉」へ [hotsprings] 湧出量がたっぷりの天然の温泉はぬるめで長めに入れます [exclamation] ^_^内湯に露天風呂、足湯やタイ式マッサージなど施設充実 [wink] #タイ #ボークルン温泉 #boeklueng #hotspring #バンコクから片道3時間 #天然温泉 #無色透明 #苦味 #onsen #温泉アナリスト #北出恭子 #温泉ソムリエ  

From GT rider (Jun. 2015) a mention of Sippa hot spring, adjacent to Sankamphaeng and probably using the same waters. Nothing too special.

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