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Staying hot
How does a top ranked hot spring stay popular in Thailand? 
Exactly that. By being top ranked: tourists, be they local or from overseas, tend to stick to the well-trodden paths. 

That said, we see that in the updated Top 10 of Thai popular ranked hot springs, the private hot spring Nattha Waree in Krabi province is a fresh newcomer, ranked fifth. Obviously this being a private facility, it means the need to advertise and socialize. While having overnight facilities means every hotel site in the world carries a reference. No wonder Nattha Waree shoots up the rank. 
However being highly ranked is no guarantee for quality, just check at the and tripadvisor sites for Nattha Waree. One person on tripadvisor even complained that the hot spring was too hot!

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This most recent ranking list is dependent on relative weights from hits / mentions on pininterest, tumblr, instagram, google past year search, bing, youtube and tripadvisor, with a relative weight adjusted to each depending on what would be a more important aspect. For instance google search carries more weight than pininterest.

The list below also shows little to no change in the most popular hot springs in Thailand. Besides the above mentioned, other newcomers are Rock Valley and Chiang Dao's cement pipes hot spring.
Oddly Phabong hot spring (Mae Hong Son) failed to score any point relative to others, while in 2013 it was ranked at 6. Raksawarin (Ranong; last year ranked eigthth) would drop to no. 11. Other just under the Top 10 bubblers are Wiang Pa Pao (Chiang Rai), and Chaeson (Lampang).

Something else noteworthy is that the Top 10 comes from 5 provinces: succes breeds more succes? Or tourists tend to stick together ...?



The top 10 as of November 2014:
      1. (2013: 2) Pai, Mae Hong Son
      2. (4) Fang, Chiang Mai
      3. (1) Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai
     4 (5) Klong thom, Krabi
     5 (-) Nattha Waree, Krabi
     6 (3) Hin Dad, Kanchanaburi
     7 (7) Betong, Betong
     8 (-) Rock Valley, Kanchanaburi
     9 (-) Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai
     10 (9) Pong Duet, Chiang Mai

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