Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Onsen press

Since the last post on this new spa, the Japanese style, hot spring inspired, Bangkok situated, Yunomori onsen has gained more fame in the form of positive press write up's. And Facebook fans have now nearly doubled to close to 6,000!

Well a recap of the press: 
  • Bangkok 101 has it's second feature, this time from 5 October. Glowing reports of course, if it could be otherwise. It does mention that the owner hopes this will inspire Thai tourism to take hot-springing more seriously.
  • One of the nation's leading newspapers, the Bangkok Post (21 September), starts it feature as follows:
    'Dear readers, you might yet again accuse me of lying, or, even more likely this time, of being a disgusting pervert, if I said I took off my clothes and got completely naked a couple of days ago in the middle of Sukhumvit. I hate to admit this, but it's true. And though I would like to claim that it was for a good and noble cause like protesting against human trafficking or animal cruelty, it was, in fact, purely for relaxation. And in case you're interested (of course you are!) in knowing the exact place where the naked incident took place, the newly opened Yunomori Onsen and Spa is the answer'.
    Despite highlighting his own awkwardness with nudity he does overall have a positive experience:
    'What appeared at first to be absolute onsen relaxation turned out to be an ultimate physical confrontation as well'.
    And oh, the Bangkok Post has another write up from the 4th of September.
  • Then the Nation (September 30) has a huge article mentioning that it is
    'proving a hit with stressed out Thais ... We expect Yunomori - which literally means 'hot water in the garden' - to support these Japanese expats so we're a little surprised that during our first month of operations, 40 per cent of our customers are Thais who had never experienced onsen in Japan'.
    And an odd mention:
    '"During the first week, we provided disposable underwear for female customers who were too shy to be naked in front of friends and other strangers. So far, only a few customers have asked for it. Perhaps there is an awareness that going completely unclothed is natural in the onsen while wearing even a minimum amount of clothing can draw attention to oneself"'.
    So it is possible in Thailand? No real comment on the experience, but the article does get 100 plus likes from Facebook.
  • There's a short write up from Travel & Leisure Asia. And a longer one which adds amongst this:
    'All facilities are separated for men and women. You will have to be definitely naked in there. This surprised me to me when I found that 50 percent of their customers are Thais! Well, both Japanese and Thais are shy, but it is reasonable for Japanese that they are familiar with such service, but Thais are not'.
  • And more from directBangkok.
Yunomori onsen on instagram.

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