Friday, August 24, 2012

Bangkok onsen?

Yes, you read it correctly, within the near future there will be an onsen in Bangkok. Located at A square Sukumvit according to Bangkok 101:
'They offer 20 “discreetly separated” spring baths for men and women using mineral waters from Japan and from local sources such as Ranong'.
Note that there already is an onsen-like business in Bangkok called Arima onsen, tripadvisor has good reviews.

'Set to open in late August, Yunomori Super Sento takes the onsen experience a step further; it offers guests a wide variety of spa treatments, a small bar offering Japanese brews, two restaurants, and traditional Japanese gardens. Even if you’re not into the whole bath experience, the restaurants, Gastro 1/6 and Torajiro Izakaya, should be worth the trip.
“There are no bathing suits allowed. Besides, in Japanese culture, stronger relationships are formed when you’re naked. Its like you have nothing to hide.” Smith hopes that Thai patrons take to the Japanese idea and overcome their shyness to enjoy the wonderful experience of bathing naked'.
It has it's own facebook site (nearly 3,000 likes), not a real website. 

It actually focuses on the Japanese expats, supposedly numbering more than 100,000 in Bangkok but also hopes to attract Thai. I have my doubts though. Take for instance this blog entry from a very brave Malaysian woman:
'Naked.. in the pool.. (>.<) .. its kind of hard for a Malaysian proceed with this action, friends were making fun of this topics. LoL .. 
Approaching to the Onsen, felt so excited yet felt so scared, what will I see? how should I act?.. (>.<) *NERVOUS*
And the next thing I see.. people .. just.. take.. OFF.. their yukata, and then.. walk around barely ! O_O.. eventhough this was expected, but the feeling was still..weird.. (>.<)..
Then I cleared off some of the steam on my spec, and the scene was like.... WOAH ~ "bodies" were everywhere ~ (till here, still feel weird! gosh.. am i not suppose to be here?)
It's like a big bathroom, there are shower facilities provided with shower gel, shampoo, etc. EveryBODIES sitting down to clean off themselves before entering to the onsen pool. I've to do the same too (its the rules, gaaaahh~ this time gonna do it for real), the shower area is totally exposed, not even a partitions in between, any kind of bathing pattern were in action here. (gaaahh~ i still couldn't accept it! (>.<) weird la ! mama said can not peek people bathing! but now... )

Geeezz.. die die have to do the same, sat down and simply, quickly rinse off, quickly covered with towel again and quickly walk to find pool, there are many indoor pools, some whirlpool, and 2 outdoor pools, I walked pass all the indoor pool, almost all with "BODIES" in there, then passed another auto-sensor door, here reached the outdoor pool (finally can feel some fresh air), and there's nobody in the pool, then I quickly, carefully walk in and sat in the pool (feel safe when hide inside water, LoL ~)  
In the changing room, hair dryers, combs, body lotions, face lotions are provided too. I didn't use those as there were really many "BODIES" in there.. LoL ! 
It was really good.. its like .. "Wow ! what's an experience !" hahaha ~ '. 
Well, at least she tried it. And liked it. Many if not most wouldn't dare this for whatever collective shame it might implicate ...

Wishing the new business all the best for their future!

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