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A larger tub located in Nong Sai Phrao, Chiang Mai province. Translation of the Thai article reveals that temperatures are 50-60°C at source (source).

A couple of picca's and a few quotes, that's what makes up this entry.

Starting off with a link to a video by Bangkok Post (Jan. 24) on (off-topic) sand bathing:
'People visit the Black Sand Beach in Trat and cover their bodies with the sand. They believe it helps reduce fatigue and symptoms of paralysis'.
Krabi, source

While in the area the Bangkok Post (Feb. 1) also visits nearby Krabi:
'From the bay, we cruise through the dense mangrove forest and turn into Sikao Canal. Hundreds of fiddle crabs rush back to their holes when Banjong jumps onto the bank. Just steps from the crabs' home is a saltwater hot spring, of which crystal clear water runs directly into the canal.
"The hot spring sits on the canal's bed, yet not many know about it until the canal changes its course and a mud deposit fills up the bank; at this point, the hot spring emerges," said Banjong. It may not be such a good idea to take a dip in this hot spring which is filled with fiddle crabs. 
Luckily, if you go a bit north into neighbouring Krabi province, you'll find the Wareerak Hot Spring Spa which is highly recommended. Wareerak is different from other spas. It has its own hot spring well hidden in huge tropical garden. Guests can take a dip in outdoor pools and get some sleep during their massages. 
"Our hot spring has warm water at 42C. It's ready to use. After getting your body checked up in traditional Thai style by a doctor, guests will enjoy a body scrub and dip in the hot spring," said Chantima Channam, the resort manager of Wareerak, describing her award-winning hydrotherapy programme'.
Now we’re having a coffee at that nice little cafe I posted not too long ago and taking our time to relax and think about amazing time we had so far! In about ten days we will leave Thailand for Laos, so need to soak up every last bit of this amazing country!
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Source: yeahhright

Less natural Kashikiri Soda Onsen and Spa is a wellness "resort" in central Bangkok which itself notes:
'Our passion for spa onsen in Japan, happened to be the 1st and the only private spa in Thailand'. 
There's no word on the origins of it's waters but it does also note:
'Elevating the onsen spa services, we strive to deliver the best minerals essence from the top sources of hot springs in Japan. The premier essence powder are imported especially from Beppu and Kusatsu directly into our baht tub ...'.
No word yet from tripadvisor ...

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Then to wrap this up, back north for two photo's , the first from Chiang mai province, the secon of Phu Klon mud, Mae Hon Song province.

ไคแตงโมเหลือง เอ็ดดี้ที่รัก เพพเพ่สไปซี่ดัค
Chiang Dao's cement rings, source

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