Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Chiang Mai vid's

The website has been busy posting youtube vids concerning hot springs in and around of Chiang Mai during the last 12 months.
I thought that reposting the links would add another dimension to this site, unfortunately I am located in a real crap part of Asia where internet connections are soooo slooooow ...

'Hot Spring Pong Kwao Samoeng Chiang Mai
Hot Spring Pong Kwao.
Located in Moo 3, Tambon Pong Kwao Samoeng A. Samoeng over an area approximately 3 miles from Route Farm, about 30 km Samoeng hot springs are about 90 degrees Celsius'.

'Fang Hot Spring.
Away from Fang to the northwest about 8 km in Ban spin hot water caused the granite is almost boiling hot (between 90 ° -100? SOI) has more than 50 of the spring.
Fang hot springs here is considered a hot spring. Most impressive, it is known as top. In Thailand, because there really is not even a hot springs is a relatively wide area. As seen in the video. It also highlights the tallest fountain as well. This will increase to every 30 minutes because it will look like under the tank when the water together until it is full tank. Up another time. This will heat about 150 í c ever to be increased by about 30-50 meters high at all, but now he has to put Valve then. That if we go to closing on weekdays. Because very few tourists. Because he used pressure to heat the generator, we should go on holiday will be more convenient.
Those who love nature'.

'Pong Arng Hot Spring
Located in the area. Chiang Dao National Park. A small hot spring sulfur gas oil steam and smoke up. Water flow throughout the year. Water temperature 70-80 degrees C hot spring located in the entrance area Pong village 22 km of road separate bowl Muang Ngai - Na Wai. Approximately two miles from junction kilometers occupies several bird species are abundant. From the National Park to the south about 3 kms.
How to get there
Highway 107 lines Mai - Fang. Ping เลียบแม่น้ำ shortcut. Pa Dao left side. The Ping River in Chiang Dao District. Slurry is a good condition.
For couples on romantic love and nature'.

'San Kamphaeng [Sankamphaeng] Hot Spring is located just 23 km from San Kamphaeng district and about 36 km from Chiang Mai City. It is situated amid natural surroundings of shady trees and fertile hills. The drive to the small weaving village of San Kamphaeng passes by a large number of handicraft shops and the famous umbrella village of Bo Sang. Some 3km beyond the village is the pleasant forty-acre park containing the hot springs.
The park has been well landscaped and in the cool season the flowers are very lovely making it a good place for picnics. There you can find a camping area, a swimming pool, restaurant dining facilities and segregated mineral water bathing room huts are also available.
The San Kamphaeng Hot Spring is the ideal destination for health and physical well being. The water has high sulphur content and possesses curative and restorative properties. This is a very active geological area. The water, at a temperature of a hundred degrees centigrade, comes from a deep source. Attempts have been made to harness this energy and there is a research station nearby with information on display'.

'Thep Phanom Hot Springs
(KM.9 approximately 39 km. from Mae Chaem)
A small geyser spouts hot water, but the site is not inspiring. Keys to the huts for mineral baths are available at the building uphill to the left of the entrance gate'.

'Phrao Hot Spring [Nong Khrok].
Hot Springs over the five ponds on the plains on foot of the hill The fault basin on the north edge dazzle Sulfide minerals found in algae in spring track.
Ban Nong Krok Prao Sai district, Chiang Mai Province.
How to get there
by car from Chiang Mai province. North of Highway 1001 (Chiang Mai - Phrao) through Sansai. Phrao district until the distance is 100 kilometers to the west and turn left. By Highway 1150 (Phrao - Chiang Dao) SAO Pong on the principles of 22.7 km (I Phrao 7 km) north, turn right, turn left 3.9 km to the west one kilometer'.

'Pong Duat Pa Pae (One of Unseen in Thailand) [Pong Duet]
Located in Mae Taeng District, some 40 kilometres from Chiang Mai town. The hot spring spurts out steam 4 metres above ground and is situated amid a forest that has a strong sulphuric scent. To get there, drive on Mae Malai-Pai Road at Km.42 then turn right for 6.5 kilometres'.

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