Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Bo Klueng visit

A small shrine between the pools and the hot spring stream above.

Over the past New Year period I managed to visit Ratchaburi province once more. Coming more than one and half years after my initial visit I was astounded by the development the area beyond Suan Phueng was undergoing. Everywhere resorts were springing up and were expectingly looking to the upcoming holidays as most were to be packed.

I once more visited Bo Klueng hot spring and lo and behold it being a Tuesday it was once more being cleaned (prior visit had the same result but that was on a Monday). That sucks. We were not the only disappointed, there were quite a few visitors, all equally underwhelmed by the inability to soak.

Hot spring pool empty and other pool off limits as exemplified by chair with sign board.

The area beyond the pools had seen a fence being drawn up, but only for 50 m. Otherwise despite the boom witnessed elsewhere no investments had been made.

Unfortunately no soaking experience, again the impression that this is one of Thailand's best.

There is now a web site for the place (in Thai).

My family and I in the hot stream

Links to blogs on waterfalls nearby: Kao Chon (updated) and Pha Toei.

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