Monday, October 26, 2009


Followers of Soaking of Southeast Asia may well be scratching their head, why on earth start this site especially if there are only copies of the entries already seen on Soaking in Southeast Asia.

Quite right, well here are my reasons:
  • Laying claim to the domain name
  • Responding to demand for Thai specific info
  • Possibly to market this site separately, though it remains a labour of love.
  • To make specific blog entries solely on Thailand soaks.
  • Add Thai specific links
Though there will be future reports mimicking the aforementioned site I will be looking into wider issues though solely concentrating on Thailand. That means no updates unless it is extremely relevant and calls for a reply. I'll also be breaking the links list down more, back on the main site the never ending list not always helps visitors find what they want.

To help my readers I've included a widget on the Soaking in Southeast Asia site which keeps tabs on entries here, so no need to surf to another web site needlessly.

Happy soaking / Happy reading!

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